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Dry cleaning is a method of safely cleaning garments using a special solution instead of water. Each garment is inspected prior to cleaning and spots and stains are given extra care. Garments are then steam pressed in order to keep items wrinkle free. Proper dry cleaning will help preserve your clothes and keep you looking your best.


Shirts are laundered in cold water in order to place the lowest amount of stress on the garment. We use an enzyme based detergent that keeps whites whiter and colors brighter. Worried about a particular spot or dirty collar? No problem! Each shirt is inspected prior to washing. We also replace any missing or broken buttons.


All bridal items are hand cleaned, spot treated, and steamed using the utmost care. Although we inspect each garment prior to preservation, we welcome you to do the same. During the preservation process each garment is layered and stuffed with acid free tissue paper to ensure there are no hard wrinkles or yellowing over time. 


If you are too busy to do laundry or simply want the convenience of someone doing it for you, then this service is for you. Just bring in your laundry bag or basket, no need to separate lights and darks, and we'll take care of the rest.


Tablecloths and other linens such as sheets, pillow cases, and napkins are specially treated for spots and stains. Items are then steam pressed using our state of the art finishing press. This insures all linens are pressed with minimal to no creases. 


We have one in house seamstress equipped for all of your alteration and sewing needs. Measurements can be taken on site with no appointment needed. Turnaround times may vary based on garment. 

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